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My wife and I were looking to learn how to play and get involved in our first Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Anthony welcomed us new-comers and has been instrumental in my development in my character and play style. He spends a lot of time helping couples or anyone interested to get the handbooks needed, develop their characters, and uses the backstory for each character in the campaign.

Brian G

I surprised the group with a guest appearance from DMA.  I special requested the Grammy's Country Apple Pie one-shot for everyone and DMA delivered a fantastic session! The most memorable session to date!

Tony C

Anthony is not a harsh Dungeon Master as his DM style is based around everyone having fun and he is willing to bend the rules for players with fun or interesting ideas.  He is generous with earned loot and balances that with increased challenge.  Anthony is also patient with helping inexperienced and new players learn the game. 

Benjamin K

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